Friday, December 15

How To Make Delicious Fresh Tomato Pizza

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Fresh Tomato Pizza

Baked pizza base between themselves, it created a convenient durum. You can make small pizzas and fill them for each diner to taste.1 large or 2-4 smaller pizza:1 ½ dl water15 g yeast (1 / 3 pkt)½ teaspoon salt2 tbsp oilabout 3 dl   wheat flourDissolve the yeast with warm water. Add salt, oil and durum wheat. The beginning of the dough until smooth and let rise double. Roll out the dough into one large (baking tray), or 2-4 smaller pizza base.Raise the bottom and add your fillings. Bake in 250-degree oven.

Filling:2-3 tbsp tomato pureepinch of sugar2 garlic cloves1-2 teaspoons pizza seasoning2-3 dl mozzarella cheeseSurface:4-6 ripe tomatoesblack pepperbasil leaves2 tbsp olive or rapeseed oilSpread tomato puree on high base. Crush the garlic cloves on top and sprinkle with pizza seasoning mix. Spread grated cheese on top and bake in oven at 250 degrees the second lowest level for 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the base.Cut the tomatoes into slices in the meantime. Take the pizza oven and spread on the surface of tomatoes, Chop little black pepper on top and sprinkle on top of them plenty of basil leaves.Drizzle oil on the surface. Serve immediately.

Pizza is Ready

Always remember that practice makes perfect. Again, this recipe requires some degree of training, Dont get mad if first time making pizza goes bad. (Without experience). I have used this recipe for many times and i think this is one of the best pizza recipes!


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