A Few Things To Think About…

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If living is a choice, why are we faced with temptations every day that can take that choice away?
If we are free to love, why does our love misunderstand, deceive, misuse or abandon us?
If those to whom much is given gives, why are they used, abused or taken advantage of?
If a parent’s role is to be a parent, why do some children deny them of that?

What I’m saying is . . .

A person tries hard to live right, but if they are not strong, temptation can take their freedom away in the blink of an eye.
Everyone wants to love and be loved, but until God blesses you with your true love, there will be loneliness and heartbreak to endure.
The Bible says “. . . whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required . . .” (Luke 12:48 KJV), but when trying to help some,   especially financially, they take advantage of a kind heart over and over again.
Children need to understand the role their parents have been given, but some children make it difficult, for one reason or the other, denying their parents the relationship which should be shared.

Ask yourself this . . .

Are you living your life right, while facing obstacles placed in front of you every day, which can hold you back if you let them?
Have you loved someone and thought they loved you just as much, but found they did not?
Have you given of your time, talent and money, but found yourself being used?
Do you have children you are estranged from because they want it that way?

Please . . .

Stay strong in your faith and focused on the right path.
If you haven’t found love, bear the loneliness and wait.
Continue giving and you will surely be blessed.
And most importantly pray for yourself, your children and all the parents and children of the world.


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