Are Your Own Fat Cells Working Against You? Learn How Fat Cells Can Keep You From Losing Weight.

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Fat (adipose tissue) is very often a neusence, and we all know it won’t go down without a fight. These irritating little cells can do more than just bulge your bikini, they actually regulate our appetite and mood level.

The Power of Fat Cells: The Proteins in Charge of Our Appetites


Leptin is boarderline magical. This wonderful chemical signals suppresse our appetite and tells our body to burn more calories per day. Unfortunately, we can’t bottle and take this protein, we need our fat cells to produce. This is were fat cells prevent our weightloss by actually producing less leptin when the sence they are shrinking.


Another good guy, adiponectin is vital for getting energy into the cells. This protein allows insulin to move sugars from the blood into the tissue where they can be burned. Without this, blood sugar and fat storage go up. The good news is that as you lose weight your fat cells actually produce more of this hormone.


When you crave that hamburger with extra fries at 3:00 you can thank ghrelin. This is the main hormone that causes us to feel hungry. Unfortunately your fat cells never want you to lose weight and they often use ghrelin against you, so as you lose weight your fat cells temporarilly produce more ghelin.

Inflammatory Proteins

These are definatly one of the bad guys. Fat cells over time release inflammatory proteins into the blood. These proteind can harden the walls of your arteries and cause blood vessle plauque build up which causes circulatory damage. This predisposes you to heart disease, stroke and heart attack. Losing weight will lower the ammount of inflamatory proteins your fat cells produce.

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