How to Cover the Dark Shades in the Eyes

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Stress and lack of sleep can be a factor why some or most women have dark, unwanted and sometimes ugly shades under the eyes. Some call it eye bags, baggy eyes, dark spots, dark under eyes and etc; as long as it’s there it’s totally affects the confidence. Other factor is due to the type of skin and race, whatever the reasons behind this dark under eyes one should use tricks to conceal it or if you have money you can have enhancements. These steps are for hiding or concealing the dark under eyes using make up.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Concealear brush but best to use finger tips,
  • Salmon color concealer or any concealer that is lighter than your complexion
  • loose powder
  • liquid foundation
  • blusher brush or cleaning brush
  • mirror


Before putting any make-up don’t forget to moisturize skin. Use any moisturizers as long as it fits your preferences (e.g. skin type, stickiness, fragrance)


Before applying foundation in your entire face you need to conceal first any dark or ugly marks in your face. Use a “salmon” color /type of concealer; it fits in almost all types of skin and color. But if you don’t like salmon color, choose a lighter color than your complexion. Liquid or cream concealer is very nice to use that the powder ones.


Put a little concealer at the back at your palm first then blend it to your skin, this technique will make soften the concealer. Tendency if you directly tap it in your under eyes it would appear clumpy. After it is softened in your backhand then you apply it to your lower eyes.


Tap the conceiler around your eye; looking up makes it different that looking down while applying the concealer. When you’re looking up; there are lesser wrinkles and the concealer can cover some lines. Blend the concealer in your lower eye and extend some centimeters below.


Apply concealer in our areas in the face, same techniques as 3 & 4. Remember not to put directly in the area without softening it; the color would appear too strong and clumpy.


Apply foundation in the entire face; treat the eye area with care. Apply liquid foundation in the eye area by tapping and blending and extend some centimeters below the lower eyes.


Apply loose powder in the under eyes thicker than how much you apply in your entire face. Now you’re ready to put eye shadow but before than put some more loose powder so when some of the dark colors fall during application of eye shadow you can easily brush it off. Don’t worry those dark eye shadow powders or glitters didn’t go to your skin but to the loose powders you applied.


Continue with the mascara and the rest of the make-up application. You’ll be surprise that your eyes looks fresher and cleaner when concealer is applied than without any

Tips & Warnings

  • Salmon color makes a great concealer. It fits almost all types of skin colors.
  • You can apply cucumber in your eyes to lessen the dark spots and promotes healthy lower eye skin.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables especially food with vitamin E.
  • Use brushes for convenience but your fingers is also a good brush.
  • Do not use super light cocealer it would look too pale on you making it obvious that you’re wearing a concealer.

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