Wednesday, December 13

Digital Cyber Terror Attack Code Named Bank Holiday

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If you see large sums of money disappearing from third world banks and the usual graft and corruption do not appear to be the culprits, then know that you have seen a practice run.

I used to think that the left was serious when they said their ultimate goals were to  destroy capitalism and install communism.  Then I noticed that Al Gore and Maurice Strong are going to get filthy rich off of that communist plot known as Cap and Trade.  It was then that it hit me.  The dictatorship of the proletariat may occur but only as a secondary outcome.  The real objective is to loot the world and stick the money into the hands of  the Global Warming, Climate Change and Progressive crowd.   They want to make sure they are the dictators and the rest of us are the proletariat.  They will loot all our money first by controlling health care, banks, car companies, oil companies and even our thermostats.  After they have stolen so much from us that we can no longer even feed ourselves, they kill at least a quarter of us and make the rest into Marxist slaves.

Cap and Trade, the American Power Act, or whatever the communists in congress are calling it these daze, is and example of  Marxist Thieves coming in the front door.  By the way, the notion behind Cap and Trade is a another way to make communists reveal themselves.  Ask someone if they support Cap and Trade.  If they support it, even if they are registered Republicans, they have just outed themselves as communists.  The “R” was just a scam to fool the voters.

Meanwhile, back to the banks.   Cap and Trade is the polite way of stealing half your money.  The other half will be stolen in a decidedly impolite way.  Programmers and system administrators who used to work at banks (think of the Harrison Ford movie Firewall) will join forces with spammers, virus makers, belligerent foreign governments, communists, spies and thieves and perform an electronic run on the bank.  They haven’t been breaking in and stealing all those passwords and logins for their health.  They will take one fateful day, maybe a holiday like Christmas day, maybe a day like Sept 11, 2010 or 10/10/10 and loot everything everywhere that has money in it.  Everything from banks to brokerage firms will be emptied.

The forgoing has been a fictional prediction.  I am not saying that it will happen and I have no knowledge that anyone is trying to do it.  I just saying, if you suddenly see a run on poorly run banks with rotten security, your spider senses should tingle.  Now you know why some of the rich and famous are hoarding gold coins.  Gold coins would have to be physically stolen from them.  By the way, the government will confiscate all the gold they “know” about so act accordingly.

Should you put all your money under the mattress–probably not.  President Barry Soetoro is even know turning your dollars into toilet paper by printing trillions of dollars.  Every time he raises the debt ceiling or sends an unbalanced budget to congress he has just shrunk the value of that mattress money.    I am not sure what you should do.  Probably you should turn paper money into something real before Chairman Obama turns it into something fake.  Buy something real that Obama can’t trash.


101010,10/10/10,10-10-10,Digital Doomsday,Cyber Apocalypse

Prediction for 10/10/10

Prophesy for Oct 10, 2010

It will be discovered that almost all of the Maoists and communists let into the White House by President Barry Soetoro, aka Chairman Barack Hussein Obama,  colluded with foreign nations to bring down the US economy using an internet attack planned for Oct 10, 2010.

In some respects the attack will be not unlike an episode of the TV series “24.”  Only this time, Jack Bauer will torture anyone who does not help with topple the  capitalistic “Great Satan.”

One of the means that will be used to attempt to collapse of the US are digital zombies and cyber zombies.  There have been many probes of every conceivable security system on the internet.  Some probes of large organizations have yielded a treasure trove of logins and passwords.  But there have also been innumerable break-ins to small accounts and email systems.  Some of the accounts and email addresses have been used as zombies to launch denial of service attacks or to spread computer viruses.

Today’s fictional prediction is that on Oct 10, 2010, people who were hired by the Obama administration will use stolen government and industry information as well as information hacked all over the web to launch a coordinated internet attack to loot every bank and brokerage account on the internet and siphon the money into offshore accounts…..

Prediction for 09/11/10

Prophesy for Sept 11, 2010


Digital Zombies, Cyber Zombies, Digital Cyber Zombies

When is the last time you changed any of your passwords on the internet?  If the answer is never, don’t be surprised if you wake up one day and all your accounts are empty.  This is especially true if you made your passwords easy to remember.


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