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How To Increase Your Triond Readership

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Starting out on a website like Triond can be both daunting and frustrating at first, because earnings will rarely peak below the meagre level of three or four cents. However, there are a few things one can do to immediately get the ball rolling, and start reeling in the dollars!

1: Write eye-catching, punchy and controversial content

                Baby say its first word? Cat keeps taking a dump on your beloved carpet? Local supermarket sold out of coleslaw? None of these subjects are the kind which will bring you in significant amounts of views- you need to grab your reader by the throat! Pick a headline that will pique your readers interest force him to click you to learn more, for example by only giving away a fragment of the article’s content in its title.

2: Write regular contributions

                If you submit a handful of mediocre articles and then fizzle out into obscurity within the first week, then it’s no great surprise that you left Triond with a bitter taste in your mouth. Instead, keep the contributions coming thick and fast- try and get at minimum one article uploaded a week, and you won’t fall of the radar. This will prevent the social bookmarking sites from letting you fade away.

3: Write with a passion!

                Needless to say, if you don’t really care about the subject, then it’s unlikely your reader is going to either and this will without a doubt turn them off. Of course, don’t narrow your subject matter to only one or two niche areas, just pick a bunch of topics out there which you really care about – the power in your articles will keep readers coming back for more.

4: Keep it Current

                Be somewhat tactical when selecting a topic for your next article- if, just like very recently, the catholic church has sprung once again in the news for another ethical atrocity, then write something about the Catholics – and don’t be afraid to beat the reader over your head with your personal opinion- this should breathe life into an otherwise drab or overly objective piece.

5: Social Bookmarking is your friend

                The success you will have with these websites – stumbleupon.com, dig.com and technorati.com are my favourites – will vary based upon how much time you put into them. Simply bunging the links onto the pages my generate a few vies, but being an active community member on forums and other articles will ensure that the site drives more traffic to your content. Signing up is free, simple, and guaranteed to throw in a few easy page views.

6: Add friends and grab fans!

                It’s a fact that a huge proportion of reader traffic at Triond.com is actually internal – in other words, it’s other Triond writers that are highly likely to check out your work, should you add them as a friend. The chances are they will return the favour, and you can help each other out through commenting and devouring each others’ material.  It also adds to the social aspect of Triond – it’s a great place to make new friends with similar interests.

7: Don’t give up!

                The initial stages of Triond may be a drag – minimum page views and little interest in your work. But hang in there and keep writing- things will be sure to improve sooner or later!

8: Finally…

                Although there are a lot of (rather dubious) financial success stories on Triond about getting rich overnight,  one should bear in mind that the primary reason most people contribute to Triond is for personal enjoyment – they simply love to write! For most people, the small supplementary income is only a peripheral benefit.

I hope this article has been of some help to you – and please do check out a few of my articles on Politics, The Pope and other things if you have the time!


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