Thursday, December 14

Struggling to Make Money Online

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Are you struggling how to make money online? In my experience i can say yes its a struggle to earn money online. I joined PTC or paid to click sites. you can gain points by clicking ads online but i quit doin it due to bad reviews regarding PTC sites, some say its a scam, I have join networking scheme but no good for me, yes some people benefits from networking since they have more networks and friends using the internet. i can say that internet business is a kind a lonely job because you do it by yourself so it’s a kind lonely job. some people around you like your family and friends cant totally relate how internet money making is, you and yourself alone only knows how it works. I started reading and watching success video of people showing the proof of their internet income most of them have their own websites and they have a great number of visitor visiting their websites. They earn from google ads and other online advertisement. In my case I don’t have adsense account since google didn’t approve my application. So I used other ads network such adbrite. Infolinks, chitika and more on my blogs. So I kind a frustrated because there is no one visiting my site at first. Until I discover the power of SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, then I experiment it. I did keyword research, meta tags, title tags still no progress. Then I ask myself what’s wrong until I discover one of the most important thing in SEO which is backlinks. So I did a research on some high ranking sites ive notice that they have a lot of backlinks so I tried to research how to get quality backlinks to your websites. At first I struggle where to get backlinks until I discovered how to break the nutshell in building backlinks. so to my surprise my blog ranking up. then I earn more cent in my websites ads.

All the information I learned in the internet is very overwhelming new ideas everyday. So what I did is list all of the ideas and do it one at a time. One good thing is that I also discovered in making money online is writing at bukisa which help me earn few cents a day. One of my article earns 14 cents a day which is good. So I am planning to write more article until I am satisfied with my earnings everyday. One very effective secret is do a keyword research first before writing and article, build backlinks and promote your article. One thing I have notice with bukisa is that Google love to indexed Bukisa because one of my article is in Google first page after 3 days; in Bukisa you will get paid everytime your article get views so you can market your article to your friends in facebook, Twitter, email or any other sort of social media sites. Once I am satisfied in my bukisa earnings I will try affiliate marketing using clickbank products.

The secret sauce is that you have to be consistent of what you are doing. In my experienced you cannot make big money in the internet overnight. So set your goal first, list your ideas and implement it one of a time and see the results. Play and experiment. Maybe one day you can quit your day job.

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