Wednesday, December 13

Has Marvel Finally Sold Out?

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Just as it was recently announced that comic giant Marvel were planning on creating yet another delightful blockbuster adaption of one of their franchises, no doubt thousands of fans across the world rejoiced, just as they rejoiced at the same announcements of the past years. However, Marvel’s intention to produce Thor this year has certainly raised some eyebrows – and some rather steep ones at that.

Making a film out of a comic book, to them, must have seemed initially to be something of a joke. ‘Let’s drop this goldfish into the piranha tank, they thought, and see what happens. Needless to say, that little goldfish ended up blowing all those carnivores out of the water – and over the years, Marvel film adaptations have proved themselves time and time again as well produced and highly entertaining products. But where, the cynics and despisers if comic books in general ask, does this all end? What does Marvel have in store for us next? The franchise may be ripe now (then again, some would say it certainly isn’t), but will it turn sour?

Iron Man 2, for example, was no doubt a solid film with a sterling performance from everybody’s favourite reformed addict Robert Downey Junior, but the plot was formulaic at best and couldn’t resist the temptation to descend into patriarchal gags and a volley of CGI battling in a limp and unsatisfying conclusion. Everybody loves a good fight, but what about character development? It was near perfect in the Spiderman franchise, but with the exception of the indubitably excellent first installation of the Iron Man films, the character development in Marvel films seems to have somewhat fallen by the wayside. Alas, our audiences want CGI thrills and high octane adrenalines rushes – they no longer care about the slow burning flask of gun powder which sketched out their characters, and which in films based around comic book characters should be held as one of the films primary objectives.

These films have succeeded in entertaining fans and casual filmgoers alike for some time now – and it would be foolish not to wish them well. But the cracks in the franchise are forming, little by little, and not even the panache of British genius Kenneth Brannagh will be able to rescue them then. Thanks for reading, and if you’re hungry for more, please do check out   


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