Tuesday, December 12

Using Soap Nuts For Laundry

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You will need a muslin bag (small) with tiestrings~ they usually come with the soap nuts when ordered.  Simply take 5 nuts and place them in the muslin bag, tie tightly and toss in your washer.  Next add clothes and water.  Nothing else to do!!!  They work best in hot or warm water. 

If you are using cold water simply make a “soap nut tea”  by placing the bag with 5 soap nuts in it into a mug and fill with hot water.  Wait about 5 minutes and dump the water and bag into your washer.  Then add clothes and turn on the washer!  That’s all there is to it. 

Once your washer is done.  Take the soap nut filled bag and hang to dry.  This prevents them from getting moldy.  If you are continuing to wash clothes….no need to let the bag of soap nuts dry until you are completely done with the laundry.

These soap nuts work great with cloth diapers too!! 

  • You do not need any fabric softeners either, the soap nuts naturally leave your clothes soft. 

  • Make sure not to overload the washer.  You need room for the soap nut bag to move around.

  • Pretreat heavy stains first.

  • Soap nut do not leave any scent on your laundry, so if you like a scent to your clothes/linens just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils.  Lavender is a great one!

  • Soap nuts do not produce alot of suds. 

  • Soap nuts are perfect for HE washers

  • There are no chemicals or toxins in soap nuts.  They are completely from nature!


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