How to be a Dungeon Master for Dungeons and Dragons

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As the Dungeon Master, or story teller in your roleplaying group you have a big responsiblity to keep the game going, and to keep the game fun. So how do you do that? Well give the players what they want? So what do they want? Well first about what you find fun, good chances they find the same things fun, if that dosnt work, then go out and ask them! Sounds simple, well some times the important things in life are simple!

Do you like your character to die? Chances are no, however you also don’t wont to feel like your character is indestructable, players need to feel challenged and to feel excited, so there needs to be real danger, with real chances of death, or injury or other bad stuff, to keep the game exciting!

Do you like new and different foes, settings, treasure and story lines? Dont we all! So try to change stuff around, movies and books can be a good source of new ideas, if you think the players are on to your source, then add a little twist, yes it makes things fun and keeps the players guessing. Dont be afraid to try new things, if it dosn’t work, hey it dosn’t work, as the all powerful GM you can rectify things sooner or later, and your players will appreciate you trying something new.

People go adventuring to get stuff! So give them stuff, nice shiny coins, interesting magical items also strange plot devices or other things that can enrich the story’s or world’s background. Historical items, journel etc… they may be worth something, lead to another adventure, or just tell the players some interesting facts or history about the world.

Have a sense of humour, while you may not want to run a slap stick game, humour every so often can help to keep the game fun, and role-playing is all about fun! Try to tell a good tale also, this is a game of storytelling, don’t get too bogged down in the rules, if you are in the heat of the action and you can’t find the rules for something, don’t stop the exciting chase scene to look through the books, make something up, roll a dice, most players should agree that keeping the game going, and fun is more important than sticking to the rules, remember the golden, rule, all rules are just guides and suggestions the story-teller has final say!

I hope this helps you a little as a GM! Good luck roleplaying!


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