Save Money On Home Energy

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Always buy energy efficient appliances. They should be energy star rate. These products will save a significant amount of money on your home energy costs. Many utility companies offer rebates when you buy these energy star rated appliances. Contact your local energy company to see what they offer.

Never use the drying cycle on your dishwasher. This is a big energy waster, always towel dry or air-dry your dishes. It may take a little longer, but you are saving money and the earth.

Use energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs. If every house in America replaced just one of their old energy wasting light bulbs with an energy efficient compact fluorescent bulb we could light 300 million homes for a year! That is $600,000,000 a year we as a country could save.

Limit your shower times. Put a waterproof timer in the shower and set it to 5 minutes or less. Showers and baths account for two thirds of all home hot water energy costs.

If you have still have a hot water heater tank, lower the thermostat on it to120 degrees. For every 10 degree reduction you can save between three to five percent in home energy costs. Consider upgrading to an energy saving tankless hot water heater.

Lower the thermostat by two degrees in the winter and raise it by two degrees higher in the summer. This will save you an average of $98 a year on your homes energy costs. Consider installing a programmable thermostat. Program the thermostat turn on when you are at home and off when you leave.


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