Wednesday, December 13

Events Management: Top Two Reasons Why I Keep Coming Back For More

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When you’re in events management, chances are, you eat stress for breakfast. And yeah, for lunch and dinner too… including snacks in between—if you still have time. Competition is high because it’s like all of a sudden, everyone you meet elsewhere is into events management too. Thus, gone are the days when your firm’s portfolio would’ve been enough to close a deal because nowadays, the concept for the project has become part of the bidding too. I’ve tried, for years, to turn my back to it in fear of burning out completely yet I still accept events projects. Why? Here are just a couple of things that make the call of events hard to resist:

Sensory Overdrive

The preparations can be rather grueling; especially when it comes to the logistics part of every event project. But on the day(s) of the event, the stress level peaks and that’s when my alert level escalates as well. During this time, I usually find myself attune with virtually everything; ready to spur into action should anything goes wrong—and believe me, all kinds of things do go wrong at the last minute. You just feel so alive; part of you waits for the other shoe to drop while the other part is praying things will go well. After spending hours on end, days and weeks in front of my computer, writing and/or editing; I can’t help but appreciate the sensory overdrive every now and then.

Natural High

There’s just something about seeing a concept on paper become a reality that could give you a buzz; more so if it’s your concept from scratch. One moment it’s just a vision in your head and then you watch it unfold before your eyes as it becomes a reality. When it’s almost over, you feel the stress gradually seep out of every pore in your body being replaced by some sense of gratification. During that moment, all sorts of mishaps that occurred won’t seem to matter anymore—that can be dredged up later during post evaluation. For now, you just let yourself be immersed in that natural high. Just being able to survive it all is fulfillment in itself. Depending on the complexity and success of the project, that buzz can last intermittently for a while or can be short-lived. Regardless of which, I just have to have my fix.

There are lots of other reasons why events management can be fun. You get to meet a lot of interesting people across industries, for one. I bet those very much into celebrities will have a ball working with them to the point of saturation. It’s freelance haven too where you get to develop different skills as you progress to different posts. The training you get from this field with regard to organization skills and keenness on details will also prove beneficial should you ever decide to shift careers. For me, however, most of them are just icing on the cake as those two are enough to keep me coming back to this industry that ensnared me right from the beginning.


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