Thursday, December 14

Some of The Morals of The Noble Prophet (Pbuh)

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His morals and character was the Quran; he would get angry in accord with it, and he would be pleased in accord with it. And he never took revenge on his own behalf, nor used to get angry for his own sake, but if the sacred limits of Allah were violated, he would become angry for Allah’s sake.

And he (PBUH) was the truest of people in speech, and the most careful in fulfilling his obligations, and the more soft in all of them in temperament, and the most generous in his relations with people, and more modest than a secluded virgin; he would lower his gaze, his expression was mostly thoughtful. He was not vulgar nor did he curse; he would forgive and pardon. Whoever asked him for something, he would not turn him away except after giving him what he requested for or with a gentle word. He was not harsh or tough mannered. He would never interrupt the speech of another unless they transgressed the truth, in which case he would prohibit him or correct him.

And he (PBUH) used to take care of his neighbours and extend hospitality to his guests. And he didn’t pass time in activities other than those which draw one close to Allah, or actions which are unavoidable (parts of human life). He was always hopeful of Mercy of Allah and was an optimist and disliked pessimism. If he had a choice between two alternatives, he always chose the easier one as long as it was not a sin. He loved providing relief to the troubled, and aiding the oppressed ones.

And he (PBUH) used to love his Companions and he would consult them and kept himself informed about their conditions and needs. If one of them fell ill, he would visit them. And if one of them was absent (for a time) he would send for him; and whoever died, he would make Dua for him. He used to accept the excuses of those who apologised. The powerful and the weak had the same rights before him. When he spoke and if someone cared to count his words, he would have been able to do it (due to his eloquence i.e. deep meanings in brief statements and the measured way in which he spoke).

And he (PBUH) used to joke, but he would never say anything except the truth.

He was the most merciful of people and most generous to his companions. making room for them if space was tight, being the first to offer salutation to whoever he met, and when he shook hands with a man, he would not withdraw his hands first.

He was the most humble of the people if he came to a gathering where people were sitting already, he would sit wherever he found space, and he instructed others to do the same. He would give those sitting with him a full chance to participate till everyone of them thought that he is most honourable one before the Prophet (PBUH). And he would not stand to disengage himself from someone who sat down with him, unless he had some urgent business, in which case he would take permission of the person.

He (PBUH) would not speak with anyone in a way that the person may dislike. He would visit the sick and loved the poor sitting in their company and attending their funerals. He never disdained a poor person because of his poverty nor was he awed by kings due to their sovereignity. He treated the smallest blessing as something great. He never criticised food; if he found it good, he ate, and if not, he left it; he used to eat with his right hand saying Bismillah before, and praising Allah afterwards.


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