December Boys- Movie Review

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This movie is set about 50 years ago in Australia, and centres around a holiday excursion of a bunch of orphan boys to the sea side. The main actor of note here is Harry Potter’s Daniel  Radcliffe. The story is mainly about growing up and mateship. The group of young boys call themselves the December boys because they are all born during that month, they are given a chance to holiday by the beach by their orphanage. During their stay there one of the boys tries to get himself adopted by trying to appear like the perfect boy, this causes some friction with his mates, but after awhile everything is sorted out.

During their stay here, the oldest boy, and the groups leader, Daniel Radcliffe, falls in love and loses his virginity, however he is quite disillusioned when his love interest disappears not too much long afterwards. He is further disillusioned when one of the men at the beachside town, turns out not to be the person he made himself out to be. However finally everything is forgotten and the December boys are all happy again, after the saving of one of their members from drowning, it just happens that the man Daniel had lost his faith in, is instrumental in saving his friend.

There isn’t anything majorly dramatic about this film, it is set in a small place, with beautiful scenery, pretty good acting and lots of everyday sort of events, but the movie still manages to remain touching, interesting and entertaining. The boys have  a certain charm that gives the movie going, and the final scene of the boys reunion, later when they are all old men, is quite touching, and a nice finish to the story. 


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