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What is Grief And Bereavement?

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What is grief?

Grief is the emptiness and the sadness we feel in side. Grief is what we feel while coming to terms with the emotional loss and attachment to a deceased person.

Grief deals with the internal feelings of a grieving person and is looked upon as normal grief.

What is normal grief?

Normal grief is a self limiting process consisting of sadness and longing for the deceased person as well as somatic complaints and subsequent recovery.

On some occasions this normal grieving process can be prolonged in their intensity leading to a grieving person having complications with the grieving process.

What are the internal feelings that we

Painful regret,
Mental suffering,
Violent sadness,
Deep sorrow.

What is bereavement?

Bereavement is a term used to describe the time we experience after the death of a loved one, also this period following the death is referred to as the mourning period and deals with the external things we do around the death like the funeral, laying flowers, having a celebration of the decease’s life.

What are the external feelings felt in


The feelings of a bereaved person within them selves would be ones of being deprived of life and hope, the feelings in which life has picked on them to be unkind (why is this happening to me) while feelings of lost of hope they feel they can not see an end to the suffering while they are bereaving.

Helping someone to understand is my hope with this thanks for reading….


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