Top 3 Personal Finance Websites

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Can you use some extra help with your personal finances?  Or do you need advice on how to bulk up your emergency fund?  Two of today’s hottest topics on websites and blogs are personal finance and frugality.   My regular web surfing takes me to the same three sites all the time, so I thought about what it is about these sites that engages me.

Coming in at Number Three is a personal finance blog called Savvyfrugality (  It’s written by a man named Terry (no last name given) who lives in Oklahoma City.  As the name suggests, Terry writes about frugality but he also interjects some personal anecdotes about his wife and kids and how they affect his efforts to live within his frugal lifestyle.  Terry states in his About Me section that his “journey to frugality is one that has taken several years and many financial mistakes which cost me a lot of money over the years. Those mistakes affected my credit, my family and my sanity. I spent years living beyond my means and letting medical bills destroy my good financial name.  Savvyfrugality is a good place to find advice about how to find a cheap dentist, which U.S. cities have the lowest cost of living and where to find cheap travel deals.  The blog is maintained by Blogger and the layout is simple and easy to read. 

My Number Two personal finance / frugal website is The Dollar Stretcher (  I have been visiting this site for years and it changes the front page stories each week and archives all of the old articles. The site started back in 1996, so you can imagine the amount of articles you can reference.  The Dollar Stretcher consists of articles on hundreds of topics which apply to personal finance, debt reduction and frugality. 

A unique feature of Stretcher is that all of the content is submitted by the readers.  Gary Foreman, a financial planner, the webmaster and editor of the site, states that over 200,000 readers receive Dollar Stretcher’s weekly newsletters and another 40,000 people visit the website each week.  I mainly use Dollar Stretcher to find new tips on how to reduce my grocery bill, find out about the latest mortgage news and to spark my brain with all around money-saving ideas. 

My favorite and Number One personal finance website is the blog titled The Simple Dollar (  Brent Hamm started the site in 2006.  In his about me page, he says his goal was to help “those of us who need both cents and sense: people fighting debt and bad spending habits while building a financially secure future and still affording a latte or two.”  Brent still works at a full time job but writing about personal finance is his true passion.  He funds the site with advertisements, affiliate links and Paypal donations.  In fact, he plans on eventually quitting his regular job and blogging full time.

Brent communicates to his readers timeless money lessons such as how much to save when you get your first job (he recommends saving 50%), ways to translate your passion into additional income and how to stop living paycheck to paycheck.  He is diverse in his topics but always sticks to the theme of frugality, personal finance and career.  I especially enjoy the book reviews by Brent because they are in depth and honest.  I won’t read a finance or personal development book without a positive endorsement from The Simple Dollar. 

I would like to research some more finance websites, but most of my surfing time is taken up with these Top 3.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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