Choosing a Puppy and What to Expect – From a Breeder

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There are two options when it comes to deciding to get a dog, you can rescue or choose to buy from a breeder. If you choose to buy from a breeder there are a few things you should know first.

First investigate the breed you would like to have, do not be afraid to email and call breeders to ask them about their breed before the visit. Genuine breeders will love talking about the pro’s and cons of their dogs. Some breeds are more shy then others, some are more hyper. There are very few breeds that are “born mean”, however. Consider also the adult size of your puppy. You can get puppies that mature from one pound to 200 pounds. Also, some breeds are naturally more inclined to be obedient then others.

Second, you will want to choose a breeder. After hunting for the right breed for you and your family you will may have an idea of what breeders are out there. Generally, good breeders may have contracts for you to sign to ensure their dogs are getting the best homes possible, don’t be afraid to ask about these contracts and look them over prior to seeing any pups.

After selecting the breed, and breeder for your puppy, it is time to prepare you house, home, and life for a young puppy. Be very careful about cords, electrical outlets, and doors they can push through. Puppies are very curious and like to sniff and mouth just about everything.

Once you have puppy-proofed your home, contacted and selected the breeder, and the breed, it is time to look at puppies. Some breeders will do a home visit once the puppies are born to make sure your home and life style is suitable for their dogs. Be open minded during this process and keep in mind they only want what is best for the dogs. The breeder will probably contact you when its time to start viewing the puppies. It is not a bad idea to go for a couple visits so you can meet the mother of the pups, and possibly the father. The parents will give you an idea of how your new puppy will be: so watch close. The breeder may help you select a puppy at 8 weeks or they may let you have the pick according to their contract (pick of the litter, second pick, etc.).

After the puppies are 8 weeks old it will be about time for them to come to their new homes. Be prepared to take your puppy to its potty place every couple hours. That will help them house break rather quickly.

And, always remember they are JUST puppies, they make accidents a lot.


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