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What Qualities And Skills do Project Managers/leaders Need to Have?

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Understanding of leadership qualities among project managers are needed in striving for project management excellence. In fact, it is their job to set goals, provide and gather the resources to achieve goals, communicate them to all parties involved who will help to reach the goals, and to see that they are accomplished. Among the qualities and skills for a project manager are as below;

1. Inspires a Shared Vision.

Project manager should have established the quality to have an ability to inspire the teams under them. For example, when a vision ofwhere to go is established, the project manager as a leader has to guide the teams to articulate it by providing a proper planning.  Being a visionary leader will enable peopleto feel they have a real stake in the project.

2. Good Communicator.

As to inspire the people with a vision, a leader has to hold anability to communicate with people at all levels. Definitely, project leadership calls for clear communication about goals, responsibility, performance, expectations and feedback. Indeed, the manager is also the team’s link to the larger organization. So, through effective communication, project leaders effectively negotiate and use persuasion when necessary to ensure the success of the team and project.

3. High Integrity.

This quality is considered as the highest point because it stimulates with how the project manager do and be responsible with the given project.Good leadership demands commitment to, and demonstration of ethical practices throughout the project time. Integrity in leadership represents nothing less than a set of values others share, behavior consistent with values, and dedication to honesty with self and team members. Without integrity qualities, enthusiasm cannot be established. The enthusiasm leader is committed to the goals and expresses this commitment through optimism. To be an effective manager, the leader is able to share his or her optimistic expectations.

4. Competence.

A project leader must be competent, as having a winning track record. Competency of a leader includes the ability to challenge, inspire, enable, model and encourage must be demonstrated if leaders are to be seen as capable and thus competent.Ability to Delegate Tasks is a management quality for a project manager. When delegating the task, it is assumes you demonstrate your trust in others through your actions. This is crucial because individuals who are unable to trust other people often fail as leaders and forever remain little more that micro-managers, or end up doing all of the work themselves.

5. Cool Under Pressure.

This quality and skill is appropriate for a project manager to handle the stresses at work. It is widely known, risk is a characteristic in a project, and so, major problems or obstacles need to overcome by the project manager. Then, this involved another skill for a leader to attain which is a problem solving skill. An effective leader should have “fresh, creative response to here-and-now opportunities and has a strategic decision (Kouzes 1987).

6. Team Building Skills.

A leader acts as a strong person who provides the substance that holds the team together in common purpose toward the right objective. So, a project manager must understand the process to team building skills so to ensure close relationship and to achieve mutual trust.


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