Thursday, December 14

How to Get Good Credit Quick

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First you need go get a free credit report from and print a copy of it. You can only get one a year free so please print a copy. Next you need to start paying people you owe 5-10 dollars a month. When you get taxes back the next year take 1000.00 dollars of that money and put it in an account at a fdic bank. Then you will need to ask the bank for a loan for 1000.00 dollars. Once you get the loan you will have to put that in an account and pay them 3 differnt payments within 3 months. Then they will report to your credit and your credit score will boost and you can keep doing this until you get the best score that you want. Make sure you keep paying your debt off or it will go back to being bad credit again. You need good credit for a lot of things in life. If you find things on your credit report that do not belong there or you do not know nothing about what is on your credit report do a dipute form with and have the things taken off. It may take some time because they will have to do a lot of back search on the case at hand. So if you want some good credit quick I would recommend you try my process it has worked for me and has also worked for many other people. So have a great time fixing and improving your credit.


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