Seven Simple Diet Secrets Of Slim People

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The best diet is the non-diet solution.  In 1997 a book titled The Seven Secrets Of Slim People was published.   It describes seven ways to recondition your feelings about hunger and food in order to achieve permanent weight loss. This book is especially helpful if you have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, L.A. Weight Loss, Nutri-System or other popular diet programs.  Besides having to pay monthly fees to stay on these diets, it’s also a known fact that once you stop using the diet program, you will gain the weight back.

The authors of this book, Vikki Hansen and Shawn Goodman, have laid out the seven secrets and backed up each one with abundant information as to how to achieve results.  These secrets will show you how to achieve your desired weight and control your hunger.

Seven Slim Secrets #1 – Listen To Your Body Not Your Mind

The first secret is to listen to your body and ignore your mind.  Did you ever notice how infants refuse to eat as soon as they feel full?  That’s the way your body should naturally respond but as young children, we are taught otherwise.  Parents always try to get their kids to eat just a little more or try to get their children to “clean the plate”.  This type of eating leads to overeating later on.  This step advises to only eat when you are actually feeling hungry in your stomach.

Seven Slim Secrets #2 – Eat With Awareness And Without Judgment

This secret reveals that most people are not aware of the taste, feel, smell, texture and pleasure that are there when eating.  Each bite of your meal should be a total experience and it’s detrimental to your goal to stay slim if you eat while multi-tasking.  When you are going to have a meal, this secret says to sit down and eat without distractions.  In order to fully enjoy the meal, put your utensil down after each bite and don’t pick it up again until you have digested that bite.  When you start to follow the secrets, you are entitled to eat any foods you ant regardless of your body size, since you will be eating less food.

Seven Slim Secrets #3 – Eat Only When You Are Physically Hungry

Hunger may make you feel empty, lightheaded, irritable, and cranky or it may cause you to experience hunger pangs in your stomach or a loss of energy.  Slim people wait until they physically feel some of these hunger signs before eating.  Many people eat when they are not hungry because they don’t want to feel hunger at an inconvenient time.  A good way to make sure that you are hungry at the right time (example: when you are having lunch with a group of colleagues or are going to sit down with your family to have dinner) is to eat two bites of something to chase away the hunger.  If you are still feeling hungry after 20 minutes, have two more bites, and so on until it’s time to eat with your group.

Seven Slim Secrets #4 – Stop Eating When You Are Satisfied, Not Full

This chapter asks you to rate your feelings of hunger and satisfaction on a scale of 0 through 10.  Zero is absolutely starving and 10 is being in pain from eating too much food.  The book suggest to eat when your hunger rates a 2 (seriously hungry) and to stop eating when you feel satisfied at a level 5 (satisfied and comfortable but not hungry anymore).

Seven Slim Secrets #5 – Eat What You Want Most

This secret is just what it says.  Eat whatever you want but only eat when your feelings of hunger fall between hunger and satisfaction (2 and 5 on the scale).  This is the step in which you would eliminate the Jenny Craig type of diet programs which dictate exactly what foods you eat.

Seven Slim Secrets #6 – Notice How Your Body Feels After Eating

This step tells you to eat whatever it is your body craves, as long as your hunger is between 2 and 5 on the scale.  If the food you crave is a good match for what your body needs, your body will feel good after eating.  If the food was not what you needed nutritionally, your body will tell you that also by feeling gas, pain, nausea or some type of discomfort.  Eventually you will crave the foods that are the best for your body.

Seven Slim Secrets #7 – Honor Your Feelings; Don’t Bury Them Under Food

This advice tells you to avoid eating because you are feeling stressed, bored, sad, and happy or any other extreme emotion.  This type of emotional eating is what makes us overweight.  This chapter asks you to answer the question “Am I physically hungry?”  If the answer is “yes” then go ahead and eat.  If the answer is “no” then ask yourself “If I am not physically hungry, then what am I really hungry for?”

These seven secrets of evaluating how you feel about food can make a huge difference if your weight loss goals and entire lifestyle. 


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