Thursday, December 14

How Much Does Nursing School Cost

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Nursing school can be very expensive for those that don’t qualify for financial aid. Nursing school is more expensive than regular schooling since you will have to pay for lecture, labs equipment, continuous health exams, shots, and insurance, and clinical. It’s 10 times more demanding than just regular schooling. This is why you should not get into it unless you can go all the way and have the financing available for it. This is also the reason why a lot of nursing student drop out, because they can’t afford it. If you can get a loan, then you should and maybe save up for some additional money before you continue with your education.

It will depend on the college that you go through. If you attend a community college for it, then it might be cheaper. At a community college, a class is only about $20 per unit so each semester, you might only have to pay around $500 since you won’t be taking more than 6 units per semester anyways. However, when you’re in a four years institution, you will have to pay around $1500 or more for classes, clinical, lab equipments, health cars, insurance, medical shots and uniforms. Yes, going to four years is very costly. This is why you have to have some money save up for these long years.

It’s not just that you have to pay for your classes, lab equipments but you will also have to pay for personal spending, boarding, gas and food because you might be away from home and might not be able to work. It’s very hard to pass nursing school and be able to work at the same time. This is why you should know what’s ahead of you before you make plans. When you’re in nursing school, you have to commit a lot of hours to clinical and then to studying too, so you don’t have a lot of time left to work. If you work, you’re risking failing your classes. Once you fail, they will eject you from the program and you might never be able to enter it again.


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