Wednesday, December 13

Introversion And How it Hurts Your Career

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Personalities count in careers. If you don’t like people and you work with people all day long, you will go home crying. This is why you need to assess your personalities before you head out for a major in college or for a job. Will you like it and will you be able to endure it? I guess you really owe it to yourself to work at a job that will make you happy. Most jobs out there required that you work with all different topes of people so if you’re not comfortable working with different people than you will be stuck. You need to work with different people and be happy that you’re working with people.

I guess you can train yourself to like people. It’s not hard to work with people but sometimes, you have an unprofessional staff and that can hurt you. You have to deal to deal with a lot of problems but just know that every work place comes with problems. You will rarely ever run into a job where there aren’t any problems. I thick that people scare other people away from jobs. People harass them or beat them down and that’s why they quit or don’t feel like working with people.

However, just because you enjoy a peaceful quiet life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t put that up for your job. You should practice liking people since you will be working with tem for the rest of your life. You might as well like them. People are everywhere so you have to learn to like them. If you don’t, you will have a hard time finding work anywhere. Working with people is a part of most jobs, so spend a lot of time preparing you for this. You should also go out on a regular basis and get to know people, talk with them, and hang out with them to improve your people skills.


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