Wednesday, December 13

How to Get More Normal Menstrual Cycle

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Reduce your stress

Stress has everything to do with having irregular menstrual cycle. Stress will make you tired and also make your body secrets a lot of bad hormones that might inhibit the normal process of having a regular menstrual cycle.

Sleep enough

Not enough sleep could cause you to become more stressed and your body wills also secret hormones that are not good for you. Your body repairs during sleeping and it also secretes hormones that are normal for your body so you should not deprive yourself from sleep.

Eat a good diet

Good nutrition has everything to do with having regular body response. You have to eat a good diet and avoid skipping out on meals or starving yourself. Your body needs food to work properly.

Drink plenty of water

You should drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. This is very important when you want to keep your menstrual cycle normal. Your body is made of mostly of water so you need to drink water.

Stop smoking

Smoking can cause a lot of problems for your health and can disrupt your normal hormonal patterns so you should stop smoking whenever you have the chance.

Talk to a doctor

You should also talk to a doctor about your irregular menstrual cycle and they can recommend you a few things to do. You can also ask for medication to help you have more of a regular menstrual cycle. If your irregularities become a pattern then it’s really a regular pattern for you even though it doesn’t follow the 30 days pattern.


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