Thursday, December 14

How to Find Cheap College Textbooks

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Everyone knows the awful truth about the college bookstore.  It seems like college textbooks are getting more and more expensive every semester. And it’s not like you can sell them back for a decent price at the end of the semester either. Sure, you might get lucky and find a friend who might be taking the class next semester. But you know that teachers switch books every 2 or 3 terms. Who wants to pay $350 for a Chemistry book, only to sell it back to the bookstore for $50 (or $0 if the professor has switched to a new textbook)?  Say it isn’t so!

Well, it doesn’t have to be so. All you have to do is pay attention – to the professor especially.  I just completed a nutrition course without having to buy ANY textbook, because I paid attention to the lectures and took good notes.  Anything I didn’t understand, I googled or looked it up in the free books (you know the free books – they’re “hidden” right out there in the public library).  Now, this isn’t going to work for intense classes. If you’re taking an introductory chemistry course, you might be gambling with your financial aid money if you don’t bite the bullet and buy the book. Therefore, here is a list of resources that I, personally, have turned to for cheap textbooks:

  1. – offers steap discounts (I bought a textbook that was 80% cheaper than the used book price in my campus bookstore – and they offer free shipping in the U.S.!)

  2. – may take a little more effort and time to connect with someone that has what you need. 

  3. The Public Library – It’s free! Call them – if they don’t have it, they may have ways of ordering it from their network. Check with the campus library too. Many books are held on reserve which means that you just have to check it out and read the chapters there at the library (you can’t take it with you, because it’s “reserved” for everyone to check out).

Check for more information and tips at No selling, no advertising – just a place to keep tabs on deals and tips for students on a budget. 


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