Friday, December 15

How to Make a Summer List

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Summer is a very fun, hot season. Not all days will be sunny so you need to make a to do list. Everything possible could happen, you want to have a great summer. You want your summer to be better than the last. You want to enjoy and take advantage of vacation.

First off all, think of everthing that you can think that you can do that summer. Anything summer related. Write down places, times, etc.
 The possibilities are endless. Do not limit yourself. Write down everything. Think about the other summers, what did you do? What did you want to do back then? Write it down.

What do you want to accomplish? Is there something that you want to finish before the summer? an unfinished project? Is there something that you have to do?

How about self improvement? Something that can improve your skills? It could be the skills that you already have,  or skills that you want to aquire.

Are there foods you want to try? Are there restaurants you want to eat in? Think about the foods that you want to try and the drinks also.

Also think about the new things you want to try, things that you have never seen or done before.

You will not be finished with the list on the same day, so make sure you have a place to write when your ideas come. Keep in handy a little notebook. Keep thinking about the things, you can start your list whenever, but it is better to start it before the summer begins.

Think of it as a long to-do list for the summer. So get writing your list!!


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