How to Loose weight by eating more

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It seems that the entire country is heading downhill weight wise. Not too long ago the life expectancy for people in America was steadily rising. Now, because of continuing obesity in America, the life expectancy is dwindling down. Children in school right now are more over weight than ever before. The chance for an overweight child to develop good eating habits as an adult is very low. That means these children will most likely continue being overweight the rest of their lives and their life expectancy will get shorter and shorter. It’s not just children that are a concern. It’s all adults too. The number of people with diabetes is rising quickly.

Not only is gaining weight becoming a problem, but so is losing weight. Fad diets set people up for failure. It’s hard to find something that can work long term. Nobody can eat a low card diet for the rest of their lives. At some point everybody breaks down and goes back to eating poorly or even worse than before. The cure to being overweight or obese is to make a lifestyle change. Try not to do too much too fast. That’s why so many diets fail. You’re set in your ways and you can’t just change them one day. It’s too hard and the rate of failure is too high.

Another problem with a lot of diets is not only that it’s too much too fast, but you’re not actually loosing body fast. You make your system weak by not giving it the vitamins and nutrition that you need. What ends up happening is that your metabolism slows down and you go into starvation mode. Your muscle will get less and less while your fat grows more and more. While in starvation mode, your brain tells your body that your entering a famine and you need to hold on to all the food you can cause there’s no telling how long the famine will last. You metabolism slows way down and almost all of the food you eat turns into fat. Because you’re in starvation mode it’s harder to burn the fat threw exercise too. This happens during low fat diets, low carb diets and any other kind of ‘fad” diet.

The fact is that your body needs food to lose weight. I know that seems like a contradiction. I can speak from experience. I remember I went through a year or two that I was eating a ton. I was grazing all day long and at one point I added up the calories and I was eating between 3,000 and 4,500 calories a day! Now by no means am I telling you to go home and start eating that much. But I’ll tell you that while I was eating that many calories is was all healthy food. It was lunch meat, and nuts, and cheese (yes cheese can be healthy), and salads, and lots and lots of fruit. I grazed all day on healthy foods and although the calories ended up being extremely high, I lost weight and a lot of it. Over a three month period of eating like this I had lost 40 pounds without even trying. My metabolism was high and revved up all day long. This is was causes weight loss. When I went back to school I only had time to eat 800-1,200 calories a day and no more lunch meats and fruits and veggies. My metabolism slowed way down and I gained 40 pounds back faster than I lost it.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you need to eat less to lose weight. Just eat healthier. A lot of plans set you up for failure saying you need small petite meals with low carbs and only chicken and salmon. There are only a few plans out there that tell you the truth. is one of them. There are very few other sites on the internet that will give you a weight loss plan that really is what your body wants. I was told once at a weight loss class at a weight loss clinic to never ever, ever go to your doctor for weight loss advice. Doctors are only taught calories in and calories out. There are many other factors to weight loss than just calories. You could eat the recommended calories doctors give you, like 1,200 calories a day, a gain weight. That 1,200 calories could be food that is completely not good for you and honestly it’s rare that 1,200 is actually enough for a human body to function with.

One more thing to think about is how the human body is supposed to look. Think back to before processed foods, think back to the Rubanesque period when a woman’s body was considered beautiful with that little extra pouch and thick thighs were to be embraced. Humans are not naturally meant to walk around with 6 packs and taunt tummies and toned arms and thighs. Don’t read me wrong. Muscle is very important and weight lifting should be done on a regular basis. I just want you to think about if you really are overweight right now. Not overweight by doctor’s standards or a nutritionist standards, just by your standards. I’m 5’8” and doctors told me that my ideal weight is 125. There is no possible way that I could ever way that. That is not my ideal weight. My personal ideal weight is 155, with a little belly fat.

So to sum it up: Don’t starve yourself, eat more, but eat more healthy and natural food. Don’t try to reach what someone tells you, your ideal body weight is, just lose weight until it feels healthy to you. The link I provided above is a good plan to get you started.


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