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How to Become a Writer And Publish Articles

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We have all thought at one time or another in our lives that it would be wonderful to become a published writer.  Thoughts and dreams of writing a best seller, guest-speaking invitations by all the popular day and night time talk shows and Hollywood wanting to make a movie about your writings.   

There is no reason why your dreams of becoming a published writer cannot come true so when you finish reading this article, click on the link, join free and get started today.

How to start

The first thing to do to get started is to join a free high quality website that is popular among writers. Follow the instructions, read the rules of posting and as simple as that you can begin.

You can *click here to join one of the number one sites on the net* and begin writing today.

Choose a pen name

A pen name is the name attached to your work that the whole world will see.  Most people like using their own given name or like using just their initials.  You may have a name that is already chosen or common and using your initials in front of your last name works well and sounds professional.  You may want to pick a fictitious name or one that fits your style of writing.

What to write about

The best topics to write about are topics that you know about, are most familiar with, and enjoy.   You may be passionate about something, have an opinion or have a talent you would like to show and share with the world.   You might have an interesting career, know how to cook and want to share recipes or be a fitness buff and help us all get into shape.  You can also find something that interests you, do the research, study, learn about it, and then write the article.

Just start writing

I just start typing and writing down all my thoughts.  I then re-read and re-define the article repeatedly until I have it right and the way I want it.  Like an artist, your work will be a masterpiece.

Look at other articles and see the various styles and formats other authors use.  There are proper ways to write articles but the trend is to be unique with your own flare and style.

Make money

When you publish an article on the site, you will begin to generate income.  After joining the site, you will want to open a “Google AdSense” account.   The site places related ads on your article page and when readers click to view the ads, the site will pay you a commission.

To get a Google AdSense account, the site will prompt and direct you or you and click here to find out more about it and sign up.

It should be noted that most writers do not care about the money because it is the passion for writing that is the payoff.   

Promoting your article

After you have published your first article, you will want the world to read it.  You will have many interesting topics and the world will find it on the net and read it.  You can also promote your articles yourself directing people to your articles through networking, social network sites and word of mouth.


Every single day we ponder, dream and have thoughts about many things that are important to us. Expressing yourself through writing is a powerful way to leave your mark on the world, and you will be amazed at how many people are thirsting after knowledge and will read what you have to say.

You can also click here to join free and start writing today.

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