Sunday, December 17

Father's Day, A Day Worth Remembering

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Father’s Day is fast approaching and we can’t afford it to pass in vain. I am quite excited because this is a day when I can make my Tatay (dad) feel really special, a day to let our dad know that we are indeed thankful for all the sacrifices they did for us. 

This is a tribute to all the fathers in the world! I write this because I am very much inspired to do so. Thinking of dad, everything that he did for me and the family can really make my lips move and form a smile. This is also for grandpa, uncle and boy friends that are fathers now.

I’m thinking of some possible things to do for this very special event and I’d like to share the possible activities with those who are also preparing or are still thinking of what to do. 

It’s a habit that I always send my father a card that I personally made with his pictures included and the family. I want him to think that we always take some time to make those simple things out of our busy schedules. It would also be great if you can also include things that are valuable for him or things that he really wants, even those that are just so simple. 

Take a break, dad! It’s not “Father’s Day everyday! Guys, please make sure that our dads have their available time for this day. There are so many things to do for him. I suggest you do any of the following: 

1. Have a meal with dad, either it’s outside or a meal you prepared at home especially his favorite dish for him and the family to enjoy. 

2. Go get some massage. He would really appreciate it because our dads are always busy and really tired. 

3. Give him the remote control. Watch his favorite movie and allow him to hold the remote control and just patiently understand him doing TV channel shopping.

4. Join his favorite activity. He’ll appreciate it if he knows you’re also into his inclination.

5. Play a genie this time. Ask dad of his three (3) wishes from you, anything that is really possible then try to grant those. Our dads would really love to see us changing for the better and doing things for a cause, either it’s personal or for others.

6. And lastly, and my goal for this year, a medical check up for dad! Our fathers tend to ignore their health and getting a medical check up is I guess necessary especially when he has this sedentary lifestyle. The old man may object for this idea but I guess, he’ll appreciate it later. Just be persistent. 

Those were just few of the many possible activities to make his day really memorable. Love, time and even the small things we can do and give will be more than enough for everything that he has done for us. This would be the happiest day of his life because of you, next to the moment when we were finally considered to be his son or daughter. 

Happy Father’s Day everyone. Cheers!


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