Wednesday, December 13

Shrek The Third (Wii) Review

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I just got done playing Shrek The Third for the Wii. I know it’s a little childish I guess for my age, but I saw it on a website for cheap and snagged it up. It was actually fun to play. You play through the movie, or what I remember of the movie. You get to play as Shrek, Puss N Boots, Arnold, even Fiona, Donkey and Sleeping Beauty for a few minutes. It’s pretty much a quick game, you could sit down in one afternoon and finish it.

On the wii you use the Wii Mote and Nunchuk, you walk using the nunchuk’s control stick, and you even do some attack moves with it, you punch with the wii mote. Everyone has their own special ability, Shrek’s belch slowed time, Fiona was uber strong, Sleeping Beauty’s Beauty was the ace up her sleeve, and of course Puss N Boots is just too cute even the witches were awwing. Now Arnold’s I don’t remember.

You pick up quest items, you pick up coins which you can use in the gift shop which you find on the menu. In any case, the gift shop has a bunch of extra commetary you can buy, a few outfits that help power up your characters,  and one other thing that helps the attacks your character uses.  I’d recommend it for any age group, but hey that’s just me. I like the Shrek Movies , and with the game closely following what I remember of the third movie, I’d have to say go out and buy it if your a fan like me!



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