Thursday, December 14

Physical Exercises at Work

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If you are reading this chances are you are sitting at a desk job. With diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and other obesity related diseases on the rise, you know you should eat well and exercise. But between juggling work, family, and other obligations, you can hardly squeeze out the time to hit the gym every day. Have no fear! Here are some simple and effective exercises you can do while at work:

Leg Raise Combo
This exercise will help strengthen your quadriceps and improve your flexibility in the feet and legs.

Sit in your chair with feet planted on the ground. Raise one leg up until it is parallel to the floor. Squeeze your quadriceps for five seconds. Relax your quadriceps. Point your toes out as far as you can and flex your feet. Hold for five seconds. Now, bend your toes towards your body as far as you can. Flex your feet and hold for another five seconds. Lower your leg to the ground. Repeat the sequence ten times for each leg.

Abdominal contractions
Want toned abs? This exercise is great for improving your abdominal strength.

Sit up straight in your chair. Relax your shoulders and neck. Contract your abs as forcefully as you can. Breathe out during the contraction. Hold for five seconds then relax. Repeat the contractions fifteen times.

Sitting up straight
This exercise will help improve your posture and prevent lower back pain.

Shift your bottom back in your chair. Your weight should now be distributed further from your buttocks and closer to the back of your thighs. Relax your shoulders and neck. Relax your abdomen. Let your gut stick out. Do not rest any part of your back on the back of your chair. Notice the natural curve of your spine as you sit in this position. Maintain this posture as you continue your work. Your lower back will feel fatigued after a while. You may rest for five minutes by using the back of your chair for support. Then resume this posture again.


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