Tuesday, December 12

Head Bald? Shave Head For These Reasons

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While thousands of men spend fortunes to try and save their hair, a few bold souls know the truth. A shaved head is better. Here are five reasons why you should grab the razor and say goodbye to hair

1. You can feel the wind on your head.

The cool breeze on your scalp is rejuvenating. Especially on hot summer days, when others are sweating profusely, you are strolling around cool and free.

2. You don’t need to waste time drying your hair.

If you are like me, you hate drying your hair after a shower. Especially if you shower at night. The feeling of going to sleep with wet hair is just miserable. With a shaved head it takes you seconds to dry your head. A quick towel-off and you are good to go!

3. It’s a great conversation starter.

Having trouble breaking the ice with strangers? Talking to a beautiful woman? Not anymore! There’s nothing that starts a conversation better than a bald head. Everyone wants to touch it (yup, including that cutie). So don’t be shy, let them! Who knows what amazing people you will meet!

4. A shaved head is sexy.

Just think Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel. Having a bald head makes you stand out from the crowd. It is bold and refreshing. People can’t help but sneak a second look.

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