Monday, December 11

Scrapbooking For Cheap

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Sticking With the Basics

What do you really need to get started?  Other than photos of course, you’ll want background paper, patterned paper, adhesive, and scissors.  It’s nice to have colorful cardstock as a backdrop for your layout, but this isn’t necessary.  When you purchase a scrapbook, most contain white paper which works just fine.  Many craft stores such as AC Moore and Michaels also sell large pads of pattered paper which last quite a while.  Stick to patterns that will work with all types of layouts, and don’t forget to use those 40% off coupons that arrive in the weekly circular.  With a little creativity you can create stunning layouts using just these items.

Use What You Have

Look around the house before taking a trip to your craft store.  You probably have more tools than you think sitting on your shelves.  Can’t afford to buy a circular cutter for trimming photos?  Just place a drinking glass on your photo and trace around it.  Next time someone in your house celebrates a birthday, save the colorful card envelopes and the ribbon used to wrap the presents.  You can always use them on a layout!  Already have a stash of buttons or fabric in your sewing kit that never get used?  Put them to work on your pages.  You’d be amazed what you already have on hand!

Spread the Word

Once people know you like to scrapbook you’ll quickly find yourself getting all sorts of fun supplies as gifts.  This is a great way to build your collection without having to spend your own money.  Ask for a subscription to a favorite scrapbooking magazine as a present.  Look for people getting rid of their scrapbooking stash through sites like Freecycle.  Make sure friends and co-workers know about your hobby; when they start cleaning out their supplies they may just pass them along to you!

Borrow When Possible

I had subscribed to a favorite scrapbooking magazine for two years before I discovered I could check it out for free from my local library.  See if any of your friends have scrapbooking magazines or books that you can borrow or swap with them.  Host a scrappin’ day and have everyone bring their tools to share.  When you all pool your resources you’ll be able to do much more!

Remember, the best scrapbooks are not the ones crafted with the most expensive products but those created to lovingly preserve and share your memories!


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