Monday, December 18

How to Make an Ebook Your Greatest Salesman

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Ebooks are definitely here to stay. Bound, printed books will remain very popular, however the same information distributed in printed material can be sent and received electronically in the form of ebooks. Ebooks have become more popular over the past few years and will continue to be a convenient and profitable method for distributing information.

There are different types of ebooks including those designed for marketing. Most marketing ebooks contain links to web pages that promote related products or resources. Marketing ebooks are also known as viral ebooks and have the potential for becoming the writer’s greatest salesman. Below are a few steps to ensure that your ebook becomes a profit-generating machine.

First, your ebook needs to be interesting and informative. Don’t expect any positive word-of-mouth advertising if your ebook is boring and a waste of time in the minds of it’s readers. If your readers view your information as valuable to them, they will be more likely to visit the websites you recommend in your ebook.

Next, make sure that your ebook contains a prominent section stating that readers have permission to give your ebook away. Mass distribution is the key to success. The more your ebook is downloaded, the greater likelihood your valuable information gets in the minds of the public and that you’re profiting from readers visiting your website and affiliate links. Give readers permission to post your ebook on their websites as a free giveaway and use it as a bonus or bundle it with other products. This is where having those links in your ebook will pay off.

Finally, before you send your ebook out to the world, double check it for spelling and grammatical errors. It’s a really good idea to have someone else proof your ebook as well for mistakes. Grammatical errors in your ebook reflect badly on you as an author and will definitely hinder the success of your ebook campaign, so take the time to get it right before your begin promoting it. Also, be sure that you have tested every link to verify that each one lands on the correct page.

A well-planned, innovative ebook has the potential of becoming a writer’s greatest salesmen for years to come and will provide momentum for future projects.


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