Tuesday, December 12

Mariah Carey: The Legendary Diva of All Time

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I wasn’t an instant Mariah Carey fan. There was a time when I preferred Celine Dion over her. That was way back in 1996 when I bought their albums at the same time (MC’s Daydream and Celine’s Falling Into You). All that has changed when I watched the Always Be My Baby video and correctly predicted its being an all time hit. Maybe it was her unmistakable multi-faceted voice or perhaps the way she connects through her songs, but there is something about her that had gotten me like I was never really gotten before.

Hers is a voice like no other. A rare gift. It is this voice that has become her medium all throughout the years and the secret to her success. It can be low, high, or midtone; slightly whispering or full-bodied; angel like or sensually devilish. She has excellently mastered the trick to finding which character of her voice to use and her choice is almost always perfect.

She is the true universal music artist. The only one capable of doing jazz, bubblegum pop, gospel, hip hop, R&B, reggae, rap and whatever genre there is in the music industry. And the most impressive thing about this is the fact that she can do all of these without appearing to be trying too hard. Everything she works on seems natural to her, almost without any effort and she seems to be having a truly great time singing songs even the kind she’s not popular for. I commend her for venturing into the world of hip hop with her collaborations with O.D.B, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and other hip hop personas even during those times when it was considered taboo for a female pop artist to do so. It was her dedication for ingenuity that had led the merging of these two very different genres with the release of songs like Fantasy Remix and Breakdown. After that, all sorts of collaborations of the same nature followed.

A mark of a true artist is the ability to write songs that communicate to a vast number of people and this she does with her every album, all of which always contain a song written by her. I always say that there is a certain Mariah song for every emotion—finding love, losing it, a song to inspire, racial discrimination, song of praise, even a nature’s song. One can always find at least one personal anthem by Mariah, which I believe she’d feel happy about.

On top of everything mentioned, I believe, firmly so that Mariah is one artist who sings right from her very core. When she’s angry, you’ll feel her anger with her every word. When she’s inlove, you’ll feel it’s depth with every note, right till the very last one. She has this power to touch even the hardest of hearts, to communicate her message across, whatever way she choose. She is this ultimate woman-child artist, whose songs never get old and who has always captured hearts then, now, and for all time.


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