Friday, December 15

A Place to Hide From Danger

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This time of the year one of the most important events celebrated in the world is World Refugee Day on June 20.  The United Nations High Commission is in charge of refugees.  The headquarters of UNHCR is in Geneva, Switzerland. The head of UNHCR or the High Commissioner for refugees is Antonio Gutierrez from Portugal.  In order to know who is a refugee you should refer to the Convention of Geneva.  Refugee flee their countries of origin because they fear persecution based on their race, gender, religion, political ideas for example and there are those who are granted refugee status on the basis of humanitarian reasons.

It is good to celebrate World Refugee Day on June 20 just at the beginning of summer. Refugees are respectable people who have stood up for their rights and therefore for the rights of others.  Thanks to refugees there is always knowledge on what is happening in a given country and ways to find solutions to help the country and the refugee to get out of trouble.

So, the United Nations High Commission in charge of refugee has an important part to play in order to organize the refugees in the host country.  UNHCR acts like a go between. This helps the refugees to have a plateform where they can have a dialogue with the authorities.  This allows to facilitate to have more integration and for example a passport to travel.

Thus, the Convention of Geneva is an important tool to follow in order to identify who is a refugee.  Switzerland is a strategic country with its tourism, livestock and banks which can manage this situation.  The refugees often leave their countries of origin without any belongings.  They have to build again their lives with the intellectual luggage or knowledge they have.

In fact, living your home country is always heart breaking because you know your contribution and the time you spent to become who you are. When you have a chance you can live your country of origin because after all you have to be fair to yourself and to others so that they can see the difference. Last but not least the Convention of Geneva was written in French, which is the language of diplomacy.


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