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Internet Home Business: Blog Software And Blog Directory

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Blog Software/Blog Directory


A blog is a Web site or part of a Web site that can be used to post news, thoughts,

and updates as well as interact with others. Many people use blogs and would

be quite happy to use a blog service where they can quickly and easily develop

and maintain their blog on a blog portal. The number of people using your blog

service, the number of people they promote their blog to, as well as the number

of references to publicly promoted blogs (in the case of maintaining a blog

directory) will be the key to many visitors, and then your pages are in turn

worth advertising dollars. Blogs can be as specific or as general as the owner

pleases—some might relate to an individual’s travels so friends and family can

keep up to date with where they are and know that they are safe; others relate

to corporate products and uses; others are used to provide useful information

to customers and potential customers. There are as many uses for blogs as there

are products and services.

Blogs are quite versatile; they offer posting options such as inviting friends

to post, having your blog open to the public to post, or keeping the posting to

yourself. Blogs are making it possible to hold ongoing conversations in public

with thousands of people.

A blog software site or a blog directory has many revenue-generation opportunities.

You have banner advertising, sponsorship, and subscription opportunities.

You can promote additional products and services that you provide

related to technology products and services.


If you have the programming skills to build the blog software, portal, and directory,

you will be able to do this yourself. If you don’t, you will have to

outsource or contract these elements out.


You will need a computer and the appropriate blog software. Start-up costs

will also include the design, development, and hosting of your Web site, which

will include the blog software, blog portal and the blog directory. The start-up

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costs for this type of business will generally run between $4,000 and $30,000,

depending on how much of the programming you have to outsource.


Starting off you need only one employee—not even full-time if that’s not what

you can fit into your schedule.


This business’s international potential increases if it’s translated into the major

languages of the globe. English is widely accepted, however.


Ideally, a blog directory should charge advertisers throughout the year. E-business

level 1 or 2 would be appropriate for this type of online business. See Part 1

for more details.


In order to utilize your blog software service to its full potential, you will want

to invest in advanced blog tools as they are available. These tools today offer

such things as e-mail notifications when updates are made, sending the blog

content via e-mail to subscribers, and the option of collaborative authors; tomorrow,

who knows, as this is a fast changing environment.

You should have a Web traffic analysis package on the server that hosts your

site so that you can show advertisers accurate information about your site traffic.


• Participating in newsgroups and discussion forums related to your target

audience would be a great way to increase exposure of your blogs

and the traffic to your Web site.

• Launching a strategic banner advertising campaign on topic-specific Web

sites would generate targeted exposure for your blog.

• Develop links from as many Web sites, directories, and meta-indexes

related to the topic of your blog as you can.

• Make sure your site is optimized for organic search engine positioning

and also consider participating in pay-per-click campaigns with the more

popular search engines.

101 Profiles of Top Internet Business Concepts 41

• Develop a sponsored listings campaign to bid on appropriate keyword

phrases with the popular search engines.

• Participating in publicly accessible opt-in mail lists related to the topic

of your blog would be a great way to communicate with your target


For a more detailed description of these techniques, along with many other

effective online marketing methods, I recommend the companion book 101

Ways to Promote Your Web Site. You can also find tons of free resources at


Additional income comes into play by charging a fee if the blog is educational

or is an area of expertise. Also, you may be able to host a blog directory, be it

all the same topic or various types of blogs. You can join the affiliate programs

of providers of products or services that your target market may be

interested in.


Free Webs

A large online blog software provider. There is a chance to join the affiliate

program and advertise as well on this site.

Globe of Blogs

An online blog directory. This site is very easy to navigate.


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