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Verizon Fios vs At&t U-Verse Value Comparison

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                If you have been looking into Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse, but been unable to decide which is better, then this guide will probably be very helpful for you.  Before we get started, remember that the relative value of each service can easily be altered with coupons and promo codes.  To find promo codes, visit search engines and type in Verzion FiOS promo code or Uverse coupon and follow the links.  Since these change every few days (in most cases), all we can really compare is the basic price versus the service.


                If you like broadband, and I mena REALLY like broadband, then Verizon FiOS wins hands down.  FiOS is incredibly fast today, and it just keeps getting quicker.  U-verse is certainly no slouch when it comes to top-tier broadband performance, but it is certainly hobbled by its DSL technology that relies on metal wires.  FiOS is a 100% fiber optic network, and thus it has an incredible amount of untapped overhead for future expansion and it still manages to outperform the fastest offerings from AT&T.

                If you are budget conscious and just need a basic broadband connection then both Verizon FiOS and AT&T U-verse systems are overkill.  That being said, AT&T does offer a more affordable option in many areas, but it is not much to write home about after having used the symmetrical 50 Mbps available on the Verizon FiOS network.

The Winner: Verizon FiOS for those who like their broadband connections to be unbelievably fast, and AT&T for those on a budget.

Digital Cable

                Digital cable is the next big thing, and the implementation used by both AT&T’s U-verse system and the Verizon FiOS system are remarkably similar.  Both systems use an IPTV technology, though that is where the similarities end.  Before discussing the differences, it is important to know that both U-verse and FiOS offer nearly limitless channel overhead because they only send the channels that are being used/watched.  Older networks send every channel over the wires, which limits the quality and/or quantity of channels.

                What does this mean in practical terms?  It means that IPTV fueled options such as U-verse and FiOS digital cable can have tens or even hundreds of thousands of custom programming options.  For example, if you just got into Lost because a co-worker was going crazy over the finale, you could potentially use On Demand to stream just the last few seasons of Lost.  Both companies use this technology differently, and both can do impressive things with IPTV streams.

                AT&T allows for easy TV switching and even computer viewing, with XBOX 360 viewing coming soon.  Verizon uses the fact that all the data is delivered via the same cable to make one service aware of the other.  For example, an incoming call will automatically engage the DVR on the FiOS network if and when the TV is being watched.  You can answer and then go back to where you were when the phone rang and not miss a beat.  Verizon FiOS also runs apps on the set top box, though AT&T is rumored to be catching up in this regard some time later this year.

                The bottom line is that if you really love TV, then you’ll love either of these services.  Verizon has a few more channel blocks and a few more HD channels, but this is almost a toss-up.  I have to give Verizon FiOS the edge at the high end, but again AT&T does have a much lower-tier offering that undercuts the basic FiOS package.

Digital Telephone

                VoIP technologies have rendered old telephone networks nearly obsolete, and it does seem a bit strange that AT&T even offers a VoIP service.  Regardless, these two services have almost the exact feature set and depending on which package you get, they are almost the same price.  I have to give the nod to Verizon here for the aforementioned integration with the digital cable service.


                At this time I would have to say that Verizon FiOS has an overall edge on AT&T U-verse when it comes to features, but AT&T does have a few more budget-friendly options for those that are looking to skimp on features.  My suggestion is not to skimp on features at all and look for an Uverse coupon or a Verizon FiOS promo code before you make any final purchases.  Such a discount could radically alter the value proposition.


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