Monday, December 18

Verizon Fios Specials And You: Save Money And Get What You Want

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                Verizon FiOS specials are easy to find these days, all you have to is look on the Internet and you will find them.  Of course, not all Verizon FiOS specials are created equal.  Here are some basic tips on how to look for the best Verizon FiOS specials:

  • Know what you want – Start by shopping online at the FiOS site.  Look at all of the options and decide what you want to get before you start looking for Verizon FiOS specials

  • Look at bundles – Make sure to look at the bundles too.  This are called bundles, double plays, and triple plays, and so on.  These are some of the best deals on the best services.

  • Check your affiliations – Do you work for the government?  How about a large company?  Are you a member of a large organization such as the AARP?  If so, check with your supervisor/HR rep or customer service representatives and see if they have specific Verizon FiOS specials that nobody else can get.  You might be surprised to see how many companies participate in Verizon’s affiliate program in this way.

  • Now it is time to go online – Visit a search engine and type in Verizon FiOS specials.  Remember to check each and every special for its expiration date, features, and requirements.  If you don’t find one you like, you can wait a few days and check again.  Many Verizon FiOS specials are updated frequently.

  • Once you find an offer you cannot live without – Different websites with Verizon FiOS offers work differently, but good websites allow you to click through the Verizon FiOS page and get the package already setup in the shopping cart.  This can save you a lot of time and effort trying to remember exactly what features you wanted.

  • Don’t forget the extras – Need a few extra features?  Get ‘em now!  You can add additional features without penalties under almost all cases.

That’s it!  As easy as that!  You may have saved money up front, every month, or even both.  Wasn’t that worth the few minutes of your free time?  Now go out and enjoy your new Verizon FiOS install.eri


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