Friday, December 15

Loss And Lucky To Got Affair

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Whatever the assumption about the affair, of course, an affair is not a justifiable action. Especially if they claim to do with a husband or wife is okay but still insist on having an affair. Self-justification that is often posed, an affair is a fad that only thus can be variations as potent drugs to overcome their boredom in a marriage.

They do not realize that even though the extent a mere fad, affairs more harm than “lucky.” Ironically, there are also players who argued that the affair affair also gives advantage to him. That is why, until at any time, the affair seems to have never deserted from the enthusiasts.

Here are “lucky” and “loss” affair which was collected by a site that ask questions and get answers through an online survey. Although the majority of respondents were in the U.S., but the list of “lucky” this loss would be experienced when a representative picture of the husband / wife was having an affair.



  1. Always look neat or fashionable and fragrant but usually this is precisely the things that are often ignored him.

  2. Seen more intelligent because suddenly become fond of reading and watching television to get the latest news. Want to know why? Generally no other because he will feel ashamed when looking foolish in front of the affair.

  3. More confident and more active in speaking. Might be talking more and honed his skills thanks to the habit of “seduce” to win affair.

  4. The desire to obtain a variation of an intimate relationship be fulfilled.

  5. Obtain a new role, namely role as a lover, something that seems to have long since evaporated in his marriage.


  1. Expenditure bigger and credit card bills will be inflated because the dates did not cost a bit.

  2. The chance of getting sick “heart” due to beating and always felt uncomfortable because of fear of unnoticed spots.

  3. Lack of sleep due to be home more nights than usual.

  4. Must willing little trouble keeping under control only because Hand Phone worried call from a lover with the children while his wife or vice versa. Hand Phone was forced to adjust the position of silent for fear of a call.

  5. Though it can be those who commute to contact you is the giver of the order of business. If this is your opportunity to be lost right?

  6. Adding a sense of guilt because it was so easy to lie.

  7. Uncontrollably agitated that increase chances of depression. Moreover, when the adulterous couple began whining ask to marry.

  8. Can lose self-esteem and respect from the family when it came out of his wife and children.

  9. Risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.



  1. Shown style is more fashionable to always attracted affair.

  2. The desire to feel the variation and sexual fantasy can be fulfilled.

  3. Learning to play a new role as a lover, something that may evaporate in the marriage. Had not you more often play the role as wife and mother.

  4. If the affair happens to the rich and royal man, miscellaneous latent desire associated with the material can be fulfilled.


  1. Always feeling of beating and uncomfortable for fear of getting caught.

  2. Prolonged stress of having to compose clever reason why so often come home late.

  3. Must go back and forth to check the Hand Phone and immediately delete the sms or phone number so as not to suspect infidelities.

  4. Adding a series of sin because they have to lie to cover previous lies.

  5. Most likely suffered stress and depression. Especially if the couple intend to cheat in a relationship more serious, and forced to get apply could lose self-esteem and respect from families when caught husband and children.

  6. Once caught cheating, you could lose custody of the children in case of divorce.

  7. The risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.


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