Friday, December 15

Improve Your Quality of Sleep

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Sleep is something that people agree is needed, but there are many different viewpoints on how quality sleep can be accomplished.  In many ways, sleep is a strange phenomenon because the mind and the body are still working while people are asleep.  Scientists know this because people move around in their sleep and it is clear that the brain is working during the sleep process.  Unfortunately, some people struggle with their sleep to the point where they almost dread going to bed.  The reality is that there are some things that people can do to improve the quality of their sleep but sometimes individuals may need to seek out advice from trained physicians.  However, here are a few thoughts on steps that people can take in order to improve the quality of their sleep.

Late night eating

Another thing that can disrupt sleeping is late night eating.  Today’s society is one of mass consumption when it comes to food and people have convinced themselves that they need a little something before they go to bed.  Unfortunately, people do not show restraint when it comes to eating, which is why they may put away pizza, chips, or a large bowl of ice cream right before bed.  This can cause the body to have some difficulties because it is not able to properly process food when people are lying down.  Therefore, people should have dinner at a reasonable hour and then stop eating for the night.


The human body needs water for a variety of reasons and functions.  Some people struggle with quality sleep because they are not properly hydrated.  The person’s body knows this, which is why people may have various physical symptoms during the night.  Unfortunately, some people do not mentally realize how dehydrated they are because they do not necessarily feel thirsty.  What people have to realize is that they may be dehydrated even if they do not feel like drinking.

Go to bed

Sometimes people do not have quality sleep because they simply aren’t in bed long enough.  Too many people have convinced themselves that they can function on less sleep and that they will make it through the day on adrenaline and caffeine.  The problem with this philosophy is that it ignores the fact that the body needs time to cycle down and process the information of the day.  Some individuals wake up feeling tired because they didn’t allow their body enough time to recharge.  Therefore, people should turn off the television and head for bed.


Finally, sleep can be interrupted because people are just too stressed.  Granted, it may be difficult to simply tell someone that they shouldn’t be stressed.  However, there is wisdom in looking at one’s life so that people can evaluate what may be caused them anxiety.  Some people crawl in bed and then spend a long time worrying about things that may be beyond their control at the moment.  Instead, people should go to bed at a reasonable hour and do their best to clear their mind of as many issues as possible.  In the long run they may sleep better if they are able to relax, unplug, and let the human body do it’s work.


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