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How to Plan a Beach Party

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Plan a Beach Party for Children

Step 1: Plan a beach event for a child’s birthday or other celebration. Have a group of their friends meet at a local beach. Indicate in your invitation that they should bring beach towels and wear beach attire.

Step 2: Serve sandwiches that you can pre-pack in cooler bags wrapped in waxed paper. Make cupcakes in place of cake for easy eating, or bring a cooler filled with frozen ice pops for dessert.

Step 3: Select games that utilize the beach. Bring balls and paddles for water games and beach tosses. Give out toys such as beach pails and shovels or shell necklaces.

Step 4: Be certain the beach you have the party at has a lifeguard on duty. Safety is of the utmost importance at a beach. Consider having the party at a bay-fronted shoreline to avoid large waves.       

Plan a Beach Party for Adults

Step 1: Decide if you want to have the party during the day or evening. Another option is to start it in the late afternoon and have the party flow into evening. That way, you can enjoy a swim, a sunset and a bonfire.

Step 2: Plan to have guests meet at a particular location that is easy to find. Provide landmarks and directions, and converge at a particular parking lot section or beach-side landmark.

Step 3: Look into renting beach umbrellas for your party. Sometimes the beach has equipment rental facilities or even bungalows available.

Step 4: Select activities that encourage group interaction and fun. Plan to have a dance contest or volleyball game. Give out prizes to the winners. Get more beach party ideas and suggestions at Evite.

Step 5:  Fill buckets or metal tins with ice to hold drinks or alcoholic beverages.

And here are some tips

Have extra sunscreen on hand for guests, especially for a kids’ party.

Select a beach with access to restroom facilities and showers.

Think about scheduling a rain date, as rain is always a risk when planning an outdoor event.

Make sure to check with local authorities about what’s allowed on the beach, and ask what time of day or night you can have your party.

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