Friday, December 15

What Was Chuck Liddell's New Ufc 115 Entrance Music?

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  • Chuck Liddell’s new UFC 115 entrance music debuted for the entire world to hear at the Vancouver event, and it also was the first time many fans heard a new music by a popular hip hop artist.

    The song, replacing many other Liddell favorites such as “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot” by DMX that Liddell has used in the past, caught a lot of fans a bit off-guard when he came in.

    The new Chuck Liddell UFC 115 entrance music was the song “Won’t Back Down” by Eminem featuring pop singer P!NK off the album “Recovery.”

    The song is becoming very popular since it has leaked on the Internet with its crazy and classic Eminem punch-lines that many people have a hard time forgetting.

    Liddell also seemingly picked the right music going into the fight since it is off the album “Recovery,” which is all about Eminem’s comeback as a person and getting clean and on the right path again.

    Liddell seemed to be on the same path himself and he gave a decent performance at UFC 115 against Rich Franklin but he got KO’d at the end of round one.

    Eminem will probably go on to sell millions of albums, however. Hopefully Liddell can have a similar success story before he retires from the Octagon.

    Nevertheless, many fans are buzzing about the music and the fight on Saturday night as well at UFC 115.

    Liddell’s new UFC 115 entrance music will be remembered for a while and there’s a solid chance he might come out to it again.

    While many UFC fans miss his old songs, Chuck Liddell’s UFC 115 entrance music was pretty memorable this time around.


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