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Tips For Travelers Going to Las Vegas

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When you’re in Vegas, you can always use some saving tips. Las vegas is a crowded place and you want to be able to save money and have a great trip without so much trouble. Here are some great tips from the locals.

Take taxi cab instead of limo

You would take a taxi to save money instead of a limo.  A limo is more expensive. You can also take a shuttle and it’s less expensive.

Stay at less expensive hotel

There are hotel on the strip that cost about $40-$90. You want to stay at these casino instead of staying at $150 or more type of hotels. There isn’t much of a difference except amenities and service but you can live without those, just to save some money. Some examples of less expensive hotels are the Orleans, The Terribles, Tropicana, The Harrahs over MGM and surrounding motels.

Don’t gamble

You rarely win gambling in Vegas. The casino knows exactly what they’re doing and you can’t really win. You lose more than you win. Some people end up broke when they gamble. Gambling is never going to work in Vegas unless you’re a pro or that you can play poker.

Eat at buffet

When you eat at a buffet, you will save more money than eating at an upscale restaurant. You will get more for your bucks. You will get to eat everything for about $20, which is very affordable. This is the best way to go out if you have a large group. This is how you can save money and eat great food in Vegas.

Don’t continue if you lose

If you lose, you have to walk away. If you stay, you will lose more. This is how it is with gambling. Losing one hundred is better than losing one thousand dollars.

Bring your own drinks or snacks

Everything is over price in the casino. It’s best to bring in your own food and drinks. Put it in your luggage and carry it with you, you will be glad that you have something.


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