Thursday, December 14

How to Use Scribe Seo

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                WordPress is easily the dominant blogging platform at the time that this article is being written, but that could always change.  Another thing that always changes, or perhaps it would be more accurate to suggest that it constantly evolves, is SEO.  Scribe SEO stays on top of those changes and help WordPress users leverage that knowledge to create better content.  Better yet, if WordPress is ever dethroned, Scribe already has an API that can be adapted to other software packages.

                Here’s how it works, at least in theory:

  • You write content.

  • Once the main content field, title, and meta-description are filled out, then Scribe SEO can evaluate the content based on the latest SEO algorithms.

  • The results are displayed along with a simple checklist that can guide you and/or your content producers to making better SEO content.

  • Individual tabs offer detailed explanations of specific aspects of a text for those that want to drill down and get extremely detailed statistics.  Those who just want quick answers and suggestions simply need to follow the advice on the initial summary screen.

Does it Work?

                In execution we found the Scribe SEO does what it says, but we also did discover that it does have the capacity to do harm in two ways.  Knowing these problems in advance is key to avoiding them:

  1. Excessive usage – remember that you pay per evaluation, or by groups of evaluations rather, so it pays to learn what Scribe SEO does when it evaluates a text.  This can dramatically reduce the number of times you evaluate content, and thus stretch your SEO-dollar even further.

  2. Too much SEO – looking for the perfect SEO score every time is going to lead to article that suffer readability problems.  SEO is good, but humans still need to be able to read the text and find it useful.

Bottom Line

                The bottom line is that Scribe SEO does what it says it can do, and so long as you are aware of a few pitfalls you should find it very helpful.  It is certainly cheaper than keeping up with the latest SEO happenings.


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