Friday, December 15

How to Get Off of Addiction Problems

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When it comes to addiction, people just have to learn how to be responsible and learn to say “no” to themselves. It’s easy saying no to people but can you say no to yourself. You just have to be brave enough to say these things. Addiction can come to a stop but you have to make that choice yourself. No one can force you to stop but yourself unless you have no more money left and you have to live with addiction. Addiction can be very scary. You will live on the street over it someday. It’s time to get off of addiction.

The normal average person can’t even keep up with their bills so I don’t know how an addicted person can keep up with their bills. I guess this is why you see a lot of homeless on the street, especially in some areas like East LA. Addiction has a very devastating outcome. You will be sorry that you didn’t quit. I think it’s fun to drink once in awhile but don’t be drinking every single day. Where will you get the money for rent? You have to learn how to control yourself.

It’s not as easy as someone who is sitting here writing about it but it can be overcome with time. Everything takes time anyways. You can’t achieve things overnight. There are also withdrawal problems that you have to think about. Withdrawal problems are so bad that you have to be in a rehab. You can’t go through it alone. You can give yourself about six months, but after that you might be able to get off of your addiction.

The first step to getting off of addiction is to acknowledge that you have the problem and accept it. Next, you need to learn ways to get help. You might not be able to do all by yourself. You should consider going to a rehab, a free program to get help. Give yourself plenty of time, you can’t do it all in a short amount of time. You need a lot of time to heal. Next, you need to tell yourself the reasons why you want to quit. For example, you want to quit so you can save money and live a good life. You want to quit having better health and getting off of legal problems. It’s always a good thing to stop addiction sometimes.


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