Friday, December 15

How to Date a Passive Man

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There’re active men and then there are passive men. It’s frustrating when it comes to passive men. You have to do a lot of work. You feel like you’re dating yourself or talking to yourself most of the time. I feel like this sometimes because some of my past boyfriends are way too passive. They made me do all the work and I didn’t enjoy that. I preferred a man to do all of the work. They have to help me out at least. I can’t do everything myself. I would like some help from them too. You feel like you’re a lady and you want the man to make the moves but sometimes he’s not doing much.

What do you do when your man is way too passive? He doesn’t do anything, like making plans, asking you out, and he just wants you to do all of the work. You get confuse and wonder if he’s even interested in you. If he’s interested, he will do something you hope. Well, men are somewhat passive sometimes when they’re not sure of what’s going on. They’re passive when they think that you are not into them. They’re not sure so it’s better to keep things to them. You’ve hurt them before and they want to make sure that they won’t be hurt again. Men are afraid of hurt too. It’s not just women that are afraid of pain. Men have their ego as well. They will not let it go if they’re not sure of what’s going on.

I have dated a guy who was very active at first and then he became very passive over time. I think it’s because I hurt him.  I left him for a year and he couldn’t be in touch with me. I think that during this time he was very hurt and I think that because he’s hurt, he turns into a passive man. He doesn’t do anything anymore. He let me do all of the work. I guess he doesn’t want to be hurt again. I don’t blame him but I think people react to how you treat them. I guess I will have to do the work until he feels better about our relationship. Until he feels more confident, I have to do all the asking and planning. I guess he just want to feel safe.

If you hurt your man, then you will need to do all the work until he feels better about the relationship. If he’s passive and you didn’t hurt him, then you need to talk to him about it. You can ask him to be more active because you can’t do all the work all the time. You can also let him that it’s bothering you that you have to do all the work. You have to tell him to help you do some work too. You will have to continue to work with him until everything is better. If he’s just a passive person then you will have to do most of the work if there is love.


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