Monday, December 11

How to Act on The First Date

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When you’re on the first date with a woman, you have to learn how to behave so you can impress her. If you impress her enough, you will get a second date with her. Women pay attention to many things so make sure you’re a gentleman and know how to treat a woman right. If you act wrongly during the first date, you might never get a second date. I went on the first date with a guy who fell asleep and then told me to get out of my car so he can drive home. He yelled and said that he was so tired and want me to leave. He was very rude but I don’t think he will ever get a second date with me again. This is an example of something that you don’t want to do during the first date. You want to be a gentleman and you want to do your best to impress them. If you don’t, they will not answer your phone call again.

When you’re on the first date, you will have to please the lady. You will have to usher her and give her the best time possible. Women are very particular so you don’t want to act like you would with the guys. I know some men just want to act like they’re with the guys but don’t do that. Yu will turn off a woman and you might not get a second date. There are things that you just don’t do on the first date like telling the woman that you don’t have money or that you’re trying to save money. You should not ask her to pay the bills either. It can be too much for the first date. A drink cost about $3 and if you can’t afford a $3 drink then you’re not that great of a candidate no matter how bad you have it financially.

Other things that you might not want to do are staring at other women. They might not appreciate you if you do that. I went on a date with a guy, and he kept on staring at everyone. He’s telling me that other people interest him more and that he’s not into me. Wow, what a great way to impress your first date. When you’re on the first date, make sure you dress up nicely, groom yourself so you can impress your date. My date showed up with wrinkle old clothing, yellow teeth, smelly clothing and he didn’t even try. You have to try to dress up for your date. If you do things like that, it will really piss off your date. I never did ask that date out again. I don’t want that poor treatment again.


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