Friday, December 15

The Cancer Tree

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The cancer tree is native to China and it is also known as Xi Shu, Happy Tree, or Tree of Life. This tree is a member of the dogwood family. This tree can grow up to eighty feet tall. The bark of the cancer tree is reddish brown. In China, it is called the happy tree because of it’s uses in curing illnesses and colds. The American species is called Camptotheca. In Chinese herbal medicine, this tree has a very long history of uses. For hundreds of years, this tree has been useful in the treatments of psoriasis, liver disease, gallbladder disease, stomach problems, and spleen problems. This tree contains a substance called camptothecin, a drug used for anti-cancer treatments. Studies have shown that the extracts from this tree stunts tumor growths. Many anti-cancer drugs have been derived from camptothecin. Two of them have been approved by the FDA.

This herb is proven to be safe. When using any herb as a remedy for health problems, please seek the advice of an expert before using. It is not recommended that this tree be used as a treatment for cancer unless you are being supervised under the care of a doctor. This tree is currently being studied and grown in Texas. It is also being studied at the Louisiana State University. The tree may be growing here soon because the climate here is similar to China. It is rare to find this in suplement at health food stores. There is hope for cancer patients, and the cancer tree may become popular here as well. Extracts of the tree may be shipped from China at a cost of 35,000 dollars per kilogram. That is very expensive, but you can never put a price on life.


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