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Cover Letter For Resumes – Will it Work if I Email my Cover Letter And Resume?

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Cover Letters for resumes are effective only if they’re read.  Getting your resume and cover letter out by email is convenient but doesn’t guarantee it gets read.  At least that was my experience for a few months that I applied for jobs at various companies.

Can it work to email cover letters and resumes?  Yes, absolutely, like I said above if its read it can do its job which is to sell your resume and have them go to it and read through it.  I found that though its convenient for employers to request it to be emailed they get a lot of people who just send it and don’t answer calls or emails.  I guess because it’s so easy to send it, they do, even if their intention isn’t to follow thorough with the opportunity. 

The cover letter for resumes that I submitted was always in proper format with the correct language for the industry I was applying for.  I wanted to sound as professional and familiar with the industry as possible.  I found it useful to work with a cover letter generator and just tweak the parts of the cover letter that I wanted to make more custom.  I avoided generic cover letters with no personal touch.  I had used those before with little to show for it. 

Cover Letters for resumes are supposed to lead the reader to review your resume.  If it’s bland and generic, no matter if its hard copy or email it wont have much of an impact.  I felt that emailing my cover letter and resume, I had no control so I stopped by the place and delivered a hard copy printed on fancy paper.  In my experience dropping off a copy was well received by most of the companies.  I made sure to email it as requested but followed it up with a hard copy.

That I think worked best for me.  I saw my interview opportunities double and a job offer followed closely behind the increase in interviews.  Making a professional cover letter for resumes and submitting them as specified worked much better with a little follow up.

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