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Tattoos: a Lot of Weird, Funny, Beautiful Tattoos! (Pictures And Links)

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In this huge collection of images and links you can find all sort of stuff. There’s beautiful and discrete tattoos and also lot’s of weird and crazy ones.

I don’t know if they are all real or if some of them are only painted skin. I wonder why some people want to modify their bodies in such a radical way.

There’s nothing wrong about decorate our bodies, but to change the all face it’s something that I can’t understand, most of all when we know that it can’t be undone, at least easily.

I also thought it was interesting to add animal tattoos. I know that tattoo artists practice on pig’s skin but I had never heard about tattooed fish. I can’t agree with this weird way to sell more.. but it’s all about the consumerist world we live in, unfortunately.

Tattoos of a zombie-man (17 pics)

Gun Tattoos

Weird Anatomical Tattoos

Swallow Tattoo – Sailor Tattoo

Swallow tattoos are sailor tattoo designs. Swallows and bluebirds were one of the first sights that sailors would see when they got close to land. So, swallows became a traditional symbol for sailors of returning home safely.

Russian Criminal Tattoos In Russia, each even smallest detail can be interpreted as a biography verse from the life of tattoo owner, both police and criminals can just look at the body of the tattooed person and tell all his deeds.

Most Tattooed Person 100%

the chainsaw juggling, unicycling, sword-swallowing Lucky Diamond Rich (Australia, born New Zealand), who has spent over 1,000 hours having his body modified by hundreds of tattoo artists.

Funny Athletes Tattoo

Tattoo Crazyness

Science Tattoos

Tattoos You Don’t Want To Get (If You’re A Girl)

The One that Turns Your Prime Real Estate into a Pirate Flag 

Arrrgggh matey! Me thinks this fair wench has some serious issues.

Tattoos on lips

A (Not So) Complete History of TV Show Tattoos

The old school black and white comedies of the 1950s still hold up fantastically in reruns. As do these tattoos of Larry, Moe, Curly, Lucy, Stan and Oliver.

Amazing Tattoo Art

Tattoos in the name of Science

Criminal Tattoos – USA’s Gangs

a teardrop tattooed near the eye signify that the bearer has at some time killed someone

Weird, Crazy and Bizarre Tattoos

Body World: Eye Tattooing

Just when you think you can no longer be shocked by a body modification, along comes the eyeball tattoo

Religious Tattoos

Top 10 Movie Tattoos

Barcode Tattoos

Stunning 3D Tattoos

Tattoo Mania

Crazy Funny Tattoos

Guy made Tattoo more realistic..

Amazing Tattoo Portraits

Tattoos on lips

Girls with Tattoos

More Girls with Tattoos

Ultraviolet tattoos

Cool tattoo on an old woman’s body

Bangkok Tattoos

Traditional Japanese Tattoos

VINTAGE TATTOO Created Between 1930 and 1950….

Modern Tattoo Designs Reflect Computer and Web Consumer Choices

Tattoos, as a form of self-expression, are now taking the form of popular software, operating system and gaming logos.

2008 Beijing Olympics Crazy Tattoo Men

Connect the dots tattoo

U.S. Marines Show Their Tattoos in Afghanistan

Outside a bunker on March 20, 2010 in Marjah, Helmand province, southern Afghanistan Agence France-Presse photographer Mauricio Lima created a series of portraits illustrating the tattoos of the soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines.

Memorial Tattoos of September 11, 2001

Super Heroes Tattoos

Strange and Interesting News – Braille Tattoo

Body modification is not just to decorate the skin but to be touched and read. A braille tattoo provides an opportunity for blind people to have a meaningful body alteration, but also something what could be used by those who live or work with blind people as a new way of understanding those they work with.

In Love With Fastfood! Tattoos

Funny Bald Head Tattoos

Most Awesome Bizarre Armpit Tattoos

Tongue Tattoos

The Weirdest Tattoos?

Tattoos Football Fans

Amazing Aztec Tattoo

Creative Amputee Tattoo

Sweet Tattoo – awesome tattoo paintings

Foot Tattoos

Sacred Heart Tattoos

Insect Tattoos

The best, worst and ridiculous tattoos

Budapest Tattoo Exhibition

Awesome Strange Hello Kitty Tattoos

Artwork Hand Painted tooth tattoos

Tattooed Fish

Pig Tattoos

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